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Coconut Oil Scalp Massage combines the intoxicating smell of coconut with an amazing scalp massage, reaping the profound benefits of coconut oil, which helps overall hair and scalp health.  Can be booked as both an enhancement or as a stand-alone session.  20-min.  
Deep Tissue will kick it up a notch.  Your therapist will incorporate trigger-point therapy, sports massage techniques and work extra hard while focusing on your deeper layers of muscle tissue during your session.  Heat therapy and Sombra warming lotion will also be utilized.  Enhancement only.
Dry Brushing  exfoliates and promotes tighter skin, cell renewal, blood flow giving you smooth and glowing skin.  It can reduce cellulite and stretch marks and also helps the lymphatic system detoxify your body.  Add-on, adds 5-min to your session time. 
Essential Oils  have been around as remedies for thousands of years.  Your mind-body wellness will be enhanced with use of these amazing therapeutic oils.  Enhancement only.
Choose from our unique blends:  Breathe ~ Calming ~ Relaxing ~ Serenity ~ Vitality ~ Meditation ~ Lavender
Foot Reflexology​​​​​  is a non-invasive way to bring your body into balance through nerve endings and reflex points in the feet.  It is both stimulating and relaxing.  Peppermint Aloe Foot Balm is used as an added bonus for this treatment.   This can be booked as both an add-on or as a stand-alone session.  30-min or 50-min.  
Hot Stones  lathered in jojoba oil will be incorporated and used during portions of your session.  Heat from the stones penetrates directly to deeper layers of muscle tissue and can be extremely relaxing while promoting a positive sense of well-being.  Now only bookable as an 80-min session or a 110-min session.  
Foot Pampering Hot Towels will soothe and cleanse, then Peppermint-Aloe Foot Balm pampers those tired feet with some tender loving care. Foot pampering is just what your feet need after a long day!  Add-on, adds 5 min to your service.  
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